General Election: everything you need to know about polling day

Tomorrow (12 December), is the day the country will head to polling stations to vote for the new government. Maybe this is your first election, or maybe you just need a refresh on what happens on the day? Either way, we’re bringing you a rundown of everything you need to know about polling day for […]

#DogsAtPollingStations 🐾

As we all get ready to head down to the polls and cast our votes for the general election, our furry friends have been getting in on the action. Filled with hope and determination, dogs across the UK have been spotted outside their polling station waiting on their owners to vote.  Hoping for longer walks, […]

Celebrity reactions to Brexit

This morning it was announced that the British people have chosen to leave the European Union. In the last few hours we’ve set in motion our exit strategy (we’ll be out the EU officially in the next two years say those in the know, our PM has stepped down and Nicole Sturgeon has confirmed that a second […]

The best memes and vids about the EU Ref

So TOMORROW is the big day! The EU Referendum is less than 24 hours away and we (and the rest of the nation) are beside ourselves with excitement. How will you vote? Are you an Inie like JK Rowling or an Outie like Michael Caine? Whatever you choice, make sure you get down to your […]

What are celebs saying about the EU Ref?

David Beckham broke the internet (again) today when he announced that he will be voting to remain in the EU on 23rd June. The legendary football player took to Instagram to show his support for the remain campaign and wrote: “We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a [sic] people we […]

Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting SNP

Saffron Dickson shares why she’s voting SNP in the upcoming Scottish election. I vote SNP because I believe in them. I believe in our ability to protect childcare, to protect our NHS and to always provide the best government for the Scottish people. But it’s actually a lot simpler than that – I vote SNP […]