General election: everything you need to know about the parties

As you might have heard already, on 12 December, we will be heading out to the polls, to take part in a general election. Today (26 November) is the deadline to register to vote. But motivating yourself to vote can be especially difficult if you’re unsure about what the different parties are offering. We’re breaking […]

General election: Why you should register to vote

So, you might have heard something about a general election in recent weeks? That’s right – in less than three weeks time, the country will be making a return to the polling station, to vote for who we want to see in government.

Student Voters: The Lowdown

As we all dusted off the joys of partying/binge watching Netflix over the bank holiday weekend, Prime Minister Theresa May dragged us back to reality. On Tuesday, Theresa announced a snap general election for 8 June of this year to ensure Brexit is a “success”. Cast your mind back to this time last year where […]

Scottish Election 2016: Using your vote

The Scottish election is just weeks away – meaning the deadline is looming for voter registration! If you’ve never voted before, you can’t just turn up at your nearest polling station on the day of the parliamentary vote. You have to be registered first. So how do you make sure you’re registered? How do you […]

#GE2015: the election on Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that there’s been the little matter of a UK-wide election going on, giving Britain’s people the chance to decide who represents them in the Houses of Parliament. And what an election its been. Now, 56 out of Scotland’s 59 parliamentary seats are occupied by SNP […]

Why Should You Vote?

Today’s the day – the General Election is finally here! But, sadly, a lot of young people don’t seem all that bothered. With the usual hype surrounding this year’s General Election, writer Caitlin Moran tweeted her view that: “By the time of the next election, it won’t really matter what parties newspapers back. All the […]