Watch as the UK comes together to #ClapForOurCarers

Last night, thousands of us around the country came together to clap for those on the frontline of the Coronavirus outbreak: the NHS medical staff treating patients, the carers, support workers and all key workers at this time.

The science of study sleep

Teachers and parents are forever banging on about the importance of a good night’s sleep – and none of us are getting enough of it. But did you know that getting sufficient snooze time can make you more energetic, even-tempered and help your exam performance? Rachael Fulton spoke to Dr Linda Russell, otherwise known as The Sleep Lady, for some […]

Yoga! Do you know your baby cobra from your pigeon?

  Yoga is an ancient Hindu discipline which involves adapting specific poses with the body and incorporating breathing control followed by simple meditation. It is widely practiced for health and relaxation and has been proven to significantly boost physical and mental wellbeing. A lot of people have a warped view of yoga as a route […]

TOP 5: simple pleasures

Today is International Day of Happiness. Yes, that’s right – a day to feel positive, to smile at strangers and skip down the street if you feel that way inclined. While this UN-established day might seem a bit daft, looking on the bright side of life does have its benefits. According to research carried out […]