Talk like a pirate

Aaarrr me harty!

Language is an important part of our daily life, but how many do you feel comfortable speaking? English, check, Spanish, un poco, pirate…excuse me? Set sail on the high seas and get your pirate lingo up to scratch because today (19 September) is talk like a pirate day. 💀

Join in with the annual festivities by commandeering a ship, starting a new life and scrubbing the deck until you’ve got your sea legs and lingo up to Cap’ns standard.

We’re here to help you out with some catchy phrases that will make your new life at sea a doddle.


Hello. We’re starting off easy here.


Despite the aggressive connotations this is actually a very positive word meaning yes, I agree or even I’m enjoying this rum. All pirates drink rum ‘kay.


Another easy, yet vital, word in your pirate dictionary is beauty. Talking about another ship or a young lady you’re trying to impress then we guarantee ‘c’mere, me beauty’ will go down like a treat. Hopefully.

Lubber/Land lubber

You my friend are no longer a land lubber as you sail the seven seas in your pirate ship. What is a land lubber you ask? It’s a land lover, obviously. A lubber is someone who doesn’t go to sea and this is your new favourite insult.

Shiver me timbers

A classic that is sure to come in handy whilst out at sea. Shiver me timbers is what you will now shout in moments of shock or terror, for example if someone steals the last of your rum.

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