Taps aff! Keeping your cool in summer


It’s happened – Scotland’s one day of summer has officially arrived!

With temperatures set to soar to a scorching 29 degrees north of the border, it’s going to be a frenzy of taps aff, ice lollies, sun burn and sweat by lunchtime.

And while we love it when the big yellow ball in the sky makes its annual appearance, there’s one thing we’re not so hot at when the mercury rises – coping with the heat.

If you struggle on muggier days, here’s how to keep cool when you’re feeling anything but.

1. Dress sensibly

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Style devotees, take note – when it’s hot, you’ve got to go for function over fashion. Avoid man-made synthetic fibres and opt for cool cotton clothes instead. It’s a more breathable fabric and stops you getting quite so sweaty. Think loose items that won’t cling to your sweaty bits (lovely) and light colours that’ll reflect the sun. You don’t necessarily need to wear your tiniest shorts and whip your top off – in fact, covering up is preferable as it’ll stop you burning.

2. Cool your pulse points

If you’re getting your sweat on, run your wrists under a cold tap, or dab cold water on your neck, the backs of your knees and other pulse points – you’ll feel a lot cooler.

3. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is not fun – and can actually be quite serious. When it’s hot, you’ll be sweating off excess liquid so it’s important to keep your liquid levels topped up. Water is your best option, so make sure you have a bottle with you when you’re out and about.

4. Wear sun cream

This won’t necessarily keep you cool, but it will help you avoid sunburn – which will in turn make you feel absolutely roasting. At the very least, wear SPF 15. Roughly a shot glass of sun cream should cover your whole body.

5. Hop in the shower

Feeling the burn? Treat yourself to a cold shower to lower your body temperate and get rid of that delightful Scottish summer stickiness.

6. Stick to the shade

Captain Obvious speaking – if you’re too hot? Get out of the sun! Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean you have to bask in it. So if you’re feeling the heat, stick to the shade.

7. Use your head

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Keep your head covered when you’re out and about – at last, an excuse to wear that brilliant hat you bought about three years ago! If your head’s cool, the rest of your body will be too. It’ll also help you avoid burning your scalp and the tops of your ears, which is never pleasant.

8. Take your time

Give yourself a bit more time to get from A to B when the temperatures are up. If you’re not rushing, you’ll arrive in your destination feeling much calmer, cooler and more collected. Avoid any strenuous activity too – so maybe cancel that footie match later today and opt for an ice lolly in the park with your mates instead.

9. Pop a fan next to the window

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Fans are rarely required in this country, but if you do have one, stick it next to an open window to help circulate fresh air.

10. Grab a curry

Believe it or not, spicy food helps to cool you down! Curry contains capsaicin, which stimulates sweat production. If you sweat, water will evaporate and you’ll feel cooler. Science!

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