Be that employee! Five crucial skills shortages you can fill in

If you want to make yourself indispensable when you go into the job centre, read on! The UK has one of the highest employment rates in the West, and yet many job vacancies are not filled in due to a mismatch between employees and the skills required for the roles. Even though the talent shortage may be blamed on lack of training and poor professional goals in the educational system, that does not mean you cannot become a strong candidate by working yourself on that. Here are some skills that you may want to focus on to boost your CV and give yourself an edge over other candidates!


By 2020, more than 750,000 new digital jobs will be created, while there are only a bit more than 60,000 IT students a year graduating in computer science and other related degrees. This has driven up wages and the demand for qualified workers, particularly in the IT recruitment sector. Luckily, if you wish to put into practice your high school classes and a bit of self-learning, Apprenticeships in Scotland has several IT-related options to choose from, ranging from service desk to web development. The Developing the Young Workforce in Glasgow is also broadening the number of partners which can mentor in the sector.


Probably the most feared acronym in the professional world, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Scottish Government’s need to modernise the country and create sustainable business has opened up quite a few spaces for young people who have an eye for science, and firms like Scottish Power and Scottish Water provide long-term work experience to enter the sector while gaining relevant knowledge.

Speaking of education, maths, physics and biology are crucial subjects for pupils’ professional preparation. Investing in a degree in those fields not only gives access to Scotgrad lab practice during your time at university: it also creates careers in teaching for those willing to go the extra mile with children. If you feel like STEM is male-dominated, don’t worry: Equate Scotland has your back with its placement schemes!


With a growing and ageing population, Britain is in dire need of staff to support the National Health Service and the citizens who daily take make use of it. Although the long working hours and difficult cases faced in training may seem intimidating, the sense of reward coming from human connections with patients is invaluable. Scottish universities excel at the international level for preparing medical students, whereas the NHS offers three- and four-year degrees for aspiring nurses and midwives. UCAS will be your first step to hone those skills and research your best options.


The 2009 housing market crisis had halted hiring graduates, but the recovery phase and the investment in public infrastructure is now drawing demand for all kinds of expertise in construction, such as architecture and design, project management, quantity surveying, and plumbing. is here for you to browse opportunities with the biggest specialists in Scotland, including Graham Construction and Darroch Insulation.


Yes, leisure is one of the largest industries in the world, generating £96b of revenues; having well-trained workers is a priority for firms in this environment. Be it chefs, venue managers, health and safety experts, manufacturers or quality assurance specialists, there is a job suitable for all communicative and accurate young people out there. The road to the top levels is long, but the pay progression is worth the waiting, and Scotland’s entertainement hubs always look out for people to hire, so keep an eye on portals like Caterer.

Words by Lucia Posteraro

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