Have you thought about studying management at Queen Margaret University?

Queen Margaret Business School offers undergraduate courses which are continuously updated and relevant to the changing international business environment.

Teaching and research in the School is distinctive in three ways:

  • It focus on providing the optimum balance of theoretical and practical approaches, with strong industry links
  • It emphasis on the need for ethical, social and ecological responsibility in business
  • It has an entrepreneurial focus

BA/ BA (Hons) Business Management options

QMU’s Business Management degrees cover the critical business management functions of marketing, finance, human resources and operations management. Emphasis is placed on responsible business practices and entrepreneurship. The degrees are experience driven with opportunities for self-development and gaining applied experience through working on live business projects, developing negotiation skills, mentoring opportunities and engaging with the local business community, and an industry placement where students gain valuable experience in an organisational setting of their choice. Current options include a general Business Management degree, BA / BA (Hons) Business Management, or the more specialised routes:  BA (Hons) Business Management ‘with Enterprise’, ‘with Finance’, and ‘with Marketing’.

BA/ BA (Hons) Events Management

Delivered for over 10 years, the Events Management degree continues to grow and be updated to keep ahead of contemporary developments in the field both from a practical and academic perspective. With a strong emphasis on management, the course prepares students to lead, plan, deliver and evaluate the outcome of a live event. It offers a four-week work placement where students gain valuable applied experience. The teaching team have a wealth of industry experience and expertise and are actively involved in contemporary research. Modules reflect the diversity and breadth of the sector and prepare students to succeed in the growing and dynamic field of work and study.

BA/ BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Delivering aspects of hospitality and tourism education for some 140 years, QMU has an excellent reputation with employers across the world. The international hospitality and tourism degree arms students with a vast array of industry knowledge and is designed to give them as much exposure to the reality of the industry as possible. Students come from across the globe and learning alongside a range of nationalities will enhance learning and development.

Links with many different hospitality and tourism organisations worldwide will allow students to meet key players in the industry and opens up a range of placement opportunities. The degree prepares students for an outstanding career in management be that in either hospitality or tourism, and the course’s graduate employment record supports this belief.

For more information about undergraduate management degrees at QMU here


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