Throwback Thursday: Celebrities before they were famous

Ah before they were famous – ever wondered what Justin Beiber’s luscious locks looked like before he made the big time? What about Jennifer Lawrence? Was she as fashionable in high school as she is on the red carpet? We doubt it.

For this week’s throwback Thursday we’re joining the bandwagon of posting pictures from way back when. We’ve went on the hunt to find the high school photos of all your favourite celebs. Goes to show that, even though they’re super famous, celebs are just like us – or they were at one point.

Lights, camera, action!

Justin Bieber – the baby faced singer before he took the world by storm with his debut single, Baby.

Mariah Carey – this is one sassy diva who definitely hasn’t changed much over the years.

Will Ferrell – it’s good to see the bright lights of Hollywood haven’t gone to Will’s head. Rock the tiara, Will.

Beyoncé – before she was the Queen B, she was, well, Princess B. This little lady was destined to run the world.

Bruno Mars – it takes confidence to pull off that haircut.

Gigi Hadid – from slaying it during Victoria’s Secrets catwalks to being the all American girl next door, Gigi knows how to work it.

Adam Sandler – probably thinking up another silly movie idea.

Katy Perry – baby face Katy has definitely experimented with her hair since leaving education. Check out that killer bob.

Jennifer Lawrence – pretty sure we all rocked that hairstyle at one point.

Cameron Diaz – if we looked this good in our high school photos we wouldn’t be so mad that our parents have them on full display.

All images from Seth Poppel’s Celebrity Yearbooks

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