Throwback Thursday – The Crocodile Hunter 🐊

Going back 11 years, there was an outgoing, funny, totally down with nature TV presenter who wasn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with animals most of us would run a mile from. Yes, the Crocodile Hunter brought the wild into our living rooms.

Unfortunately, the wonder that was Steve Irwin passed away after a stingray attack. There’s no denying the world has been slightly emptier since his passing. Yesterday (15 November) marked Steve Irwin Day so, by crikey, we’ll celebrate the Crocodile Hunter with his best moments.

When the Crocodile Hunter was nearly eaten by Graham… the crocodile.🐊


His tour around Australia Zoo – how could you not love watching Steve digging with a wombat?🐨

When a python started biting him on live TV. Moments after he reassured the host the snake wouldn’t bite. 🐍

The time a bearded dragon bit him on the nose.🐲

Only Steve Irwin could chase and CATCH and emu.

Teaming up with Russell Crowe to bring snakes on Jay Leno. Somebody might have had a little accident on Jay. 🐍

And just for good measure – a message from Steve’s daughter, Bindi. 💖

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