Throwback Thursday: Games 🎮

Everyone had a favourite game when they were a kid. We’re not talking about playing tig in the park here, we’re talking retro video games. Some of the classics still get played to this day and with the questionable graphics, repetitive music and addictive play, we’re not surprised. 🎮


The most popular game of the 80s is still going strong today. Originally released as an arcade game PAC-MAN has been replicated in many games, films and merchandise since. The aim of the game is to navigate PAC-MAN through a maze without getting killed by one of the pesky ghosts. Sounds simple until you hit play.

The Legend of Zelda

This high action fantasy game has some famous fans, including Robin Williams who named his daughter after the game. Main character Link is tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda through puzzles, adventure and action.

Crash Bandicoot

Doctor Neo Cortex created Crash Bandicoot and now he wants him dead. That’s the entire story for Crash Bandicoot with every game from the original to spin-offs see players attempt to thwart Doctor Neo’s plans of world domination. Addictive stuff.

 Super Mario Bros.

Mario! Arguably the two most well known brothers in the gaming land, Super Mario Bros see players navigate Mario and Luigi through Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool. Obviously, there are some obstacles on the way.

Grand Theft Auto

It was violent, like really violent and a lot of us shouldn’t have been allowed to play it at the age we did, but you have to admit that GTA was a lot of fun. From holding up a store to driving along listening to Michael Jackson in Vice City – GTA really was the best, or worst, of both worlds.

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