Throwback Thursday: Harry Potter

We heart Harry Potter – we’re still reading the books, watching the films and getting sorted into Hogwarts houses. Children across the world sit and wait patiently for their Hogwarts acceptance letters when they hit eleven years old. We’re pretty sure ours got lost in the owl mail.

Both kids and adults can’t get enough of the magical world of Harry Potter. Whether you were on the Dark Lord’s side and longed to be a Death Eater or you dreamed of being pals with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and wanted to join Dumbledore’s Army, we all fell under JK Rowling’s spell. ⚡️

That’s why the revelation that Starbucks has a secret Harry Potter themed menu has us all reaching for our galleons. We’re going back to where it all began and living in the cupboard under the stairs with the best Harry Potter bloopers to keep us out of Dudley Dursley’s way.



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