Throwback Thursday: Retro Tech

We’ll let you into a secret: Apple didn’t invent the first wearable electronic device that you could play games on, it was actually Bill Gates and his crew. This week images were leaked of Microsoft’s cancelled Xbox Watch that was being prototyped in 2013 – two years before the first iPhone watch. Busted.

Since then, smart watches are all over the place, and it seems our phones just aren’t enough. Looking back, it makes us wonder what could have been of the Xbox Watch. Would we have been able to play Halo whilst checking the time?

Sadly, these questions can never be answered as the plans to make the Xbox Watch were scratched. What we can do is bring you some of the best tech that’s been forgotten since the Apple world takeover.

Nokia 3210

Your very first phone was also the most successful selling phone in history – all rolled into one. The Nokia 3210 let you download snippets of songs from the TV to use as your ringtone, you could buy funky phone covers, and most importantly you could get lost for hours playing snake. One of the greatest tech creations of all time.

Game Boy

Before Wii, Xbox and PlayStation there was a simple, rectangle shaped block that could take you straight into the world of Mario Bros. The Game Boy. Nintendo first released the Game Boy way back in 1989 and it was a success for the get go – over the years it became more advanced, changed shape and became a gaming collector’s item.


Last year, the makers of Tamagotchi announced they would be re-releasing this virtual pet to mark its 20th anniversary. Cute. This little egg-shaped toy brought a small amount of joy and a whole heap of stress. You had to keep your virtual pet alive with food, water, sleep and attention. A lot of attention. If you had a Tamagotchi we bet it died pretty quickly. It was such a responsibility.


In 1998, the Apple movement started to sweep across the world and there was a time where the iMac was a big ‘ol bulky machine. Forget the slimline computers you know now: there was a time where the iMac looked like a space machine, in fetching transparent colourful protectors. Ah, memories.


The first portable music player came in the shape of Sony’s Walkman. Pick your favourite CD and hit the road listening to the same tunes all day, unless you were savvy enough to bring your CD collection with you and could mix things up come lunchtime. From cassette, to CD, to digital, the Walkman was there through it all. RIP.

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