Throwback Thursday – TV Shows 📺

If you, like us, have binged watched Stranger Things 2 and feel a great void in your life, we’re here to help. Rocking the 80s nostalgia in Stranger Things, what better way to appreciate the good old days of television gone past than to re-watch some classic shows? 📺

The nights are drawing in and it’s cold outside – it’s prime TV watching time.


Before Nicholas Holt was gallivanting across Hollywood with Jennifer Lawrence, he played smart-ass Tony Stonem. Skins let a generation of teens swim in some controversial water with house parties, drinking and substance abuse. It was dark, it was funny, it was heart breaking and it was the show that defined UK teens in the ‘00s. Not to mention half the cast has since gone on to perform in Game of Thrones, so the acting wasn’t all bad.

The OC

Rich American kids meet a mysterious, troubled, brooding young man who suddenly tries to adapt to the way of the American Dream. On paper it shouldn’t work, but lo and behold, The OC was an hour’s worth of drama that defined a Sunday afternoon. Giving us an iconic soundtrack and the joys of Chrismukkah, it will forever be a staple show of the ‘00s.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Now, here’s a show. The original vampire slayer, none of this Twilight stuff – supernatural adventures have never been more thrilling. Buffy Summers is the definition of girl power with her fearless, no-nonsense attitude. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still as amazing now as it was back in the day.

Dawson’s Creek

Hello young Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams, good to see you. Both these famous actresses started out in this teen drama. Following wannabe filmmaker Dawson Leery and his friends as they fall in and out of love, figure what the future has in store and the growing pains of adulthood. Intense, cheesy, classic.


If vampires weren’t your thing then the wiccan mysteries of Charmed was your go-to show. Three sisters find out that they are witches and in turn have to protect innocents from evil – without anyone figuring out what they’re up to. It all got a little bit intense when (SPOILER) Prue died, aka fell out with the entire cast and crew and got booted off the show, but Charmed lived on.

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