Throwing Twitter Shade: Best Celeb Wars in 140 Characters

As Twitter and Snapchat erupt with another case of Kanye versus T-Swift, it’s clear the world loves a celebrity cat fight.

Kanye is cruising for a suing after his Famous video, which features claims that he made “that b**** famous” in reference to Swifty, and the Kardashian-Wests are Snapchat-baiting Camp Swift to  get a reaction.

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris has been Tweeting all his emotions into the internet for reasons that escape us. This is why you hire publicists Calvin! Give them the phone!

On my way to London 🌊

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Calvin versus Zayn (over Taylor…)

Ever wondered if Taylor Swift is the epicentre of all internet Twitter beef? The cause of all bad things?

Calvin didn’t hold back with Zayn Malik, after a tweet from the 1D star that referenced Taylor’s wish to pull all of her music from Spotify.

Despite Zayn claiming the tweet was nothing personal, Calvin jumped T-Swift’s aid, attacking Zayn. Bet he’s really happy about that decision now…



Azealia Banks versus the world.

Oh Azealia. You might not have heard any of her music, but you know who she is. Mainly for all the abuse she casually flings out on Twitter.

Queen of social media career suicide, Azealia attacked Zayn Malik in a racist, homophobic attack.

She also spent a long, long time telling everyone how wonderful she was. Then she picked a fight with a 14-year-old Disney star, and got OWNED.

She’s now banned from Twitter, quite rightly.

skai twitter

Miley versus Sinead O Connor

Nothing Compares 2 Twitter vengeance.

After Sinead wrote an albeit well-meaning, yet condescending, open letter to the twerktastic nudist “Wrecking Ball” singer advising her of the dangers of the music industry, Miley fired back with a “sorry too busy being famous” remark. Things got a lot uglier later, and Sinead wrote several other letters….

miley tweet

Lily Allen versus Rita Ora

With the passing of musical legend Prince, Rita Ora sent an emotive, lengthy tweet about how much she adored her time with the artist.

While expressing her grief and sending her love to Prince’s family, Rita claimed to have had dance-offs and creative collaborations with the revered performer.

Thinking this all sounded a little far-fetched, Lily Allen weighed in with a cutting tweet which might just have been what everyone else was thinking.

rita ora tweet feud




Charlotte Church versus Katie Hopkins

Offensive, vile-spewing tabloid queen Katie Hopkins called opera singer-turned campaigner Charlotte Church out for her political activism.

How did Char-Char respond? A straight up dinghy and grammar/spelling shame.




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