TRNSMT Special: Kyle Falconer on new albums and going solo

Credit: @kylefrancisfalc

Last year revellers of all ages were bouncing over Glasgow Green as The View sang about wearing the same jeans for four days. Now, the curly haired lead singer of the Dundonian band is doing TRNSMT solo.


Kyle Falconer and the rest of his chums from The View have gone on a hiatus (to the disappointment of many in the new Indie wave of the noughties). Preparing to release his debut solo album No Thank You in July, the decision to go solo was natural.

“It just came time to go solo, we all wanted to do our different things, and it was getting too hard for us all to agree on something. We’d been together since we were 14. We went to nursery, primary school, we grew up together,” laughs Kyle.


Preparing to waltz onto the King Tuts Stage (Saturday 30 June) at this year’s bumper TRNSMT festival, Kyle is pulling out all the stops to show he’s still got what it takes. He might not be jamming with The View, but he assures us there will be a band in tow – and some cheeky The View tunes, too.

“There will be a few The View songs in the set, but not like people will have heard them before. It’s going to be more album tracks,” Kyle says. But what of his new music? Having already released the mesmerizingly powerful Poor Me, inspired by receiving therapy for addiction and alcohol abuse, is performing new tunes to a rowdy Glasgow crowd daunting?


“It’s crazy ‘cause some people already know the songs and the album’s not even out! When we were recording Which Bitch? we got the CD and it ended up getting out and everyone knew all the songs before the album was released. For this one I’ve not been given a copy,” giggles Kyle. “I can’t work technology so I would press a button and release it before it’s ready. But it is cool seeing people singing along.

I don’t get as anxious going on stage as I did before. We used to slap each other across the face and drink as many pints as possible until we were just compos mentis and then go on stage. Now, I’ll just sing as many Beatles songs as I can.”

Having certainly lived a wild lifestyle with The View, there is a new Kyle Falconer that sings amongst us. Truly talented with a unique voice, whether going solo or emulating The Don the TRNSMT stage needs to be prepared for the storm of Kyle Falconer that is in the post. And we’re just talking about his fans.

You can pre-order No Thank You here. Don’t forget to get your TRNSMT tickets, too!

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