TRNSMT Special: Sing for your supper with The Snuts

Credit: The Snuts

Jack, Joe, Callum and Jordan caught up with Source to chat TRNSMT, tunes and Snoop Dogg.

Confident, quick witted, and oozing charisma, it’s no wonder The Snuts have charmed their way into homes across Scotland. Since the release of their debut EP, The Matador, the raucous single Glasgow followed by Sing For Your Supper, The Snuts have their eyes set on the big time – and they’re bringing their mates along for the ride.

You guys are just back from a tour down south. How did that go for you guys?

Jack: It was really good, we didn’t really know what to expect after our headline tour at the start of the year in Scotland. We’d focussed on getting into England and not just being a Scottish band, so we’ve done these mini tours which were good. It’s a good thing as well just getting on the road and we had full houses wherever we went, good reactions, folk singing our words and that’s kind of why we’re in this.

And for those who haven’t listened to your music before where would you say you get the most inspiration?

Jack: We’re big 50 Cent fans, Snoop Dogg, Lil Chris… nah I don’t feel like we base our music on even one particular kind of group or band. It’s just what comes out and we’re trying to build on that.

Callum: We’ve just been trying to develop the sound we already had.

Your debut EP The Matador is out now, tell us a little bit about it. 

Jack: Well it’s just something we’ve done on our own off our own back, just demos that we’ve recorded and stuff. We just put them out to let people hear what we’re all about and not just put a single out in a big professional way. We just want them to hear what we’re all about and work up to a full set kind of thing, that was a year ago and we’re still flying off the back of that and people are still singing it everywhere.

When it comes to playing gigs, what do you hope to get out of a show?

Joe: Just play the songs and have a good time, that’s all we can really do.

Jack: We just try and get across what we want from a gig and what we enjoy about a gig is people singing their hearts out, jumping about, grabbing their best mates, that’s all we want. That’s what we kind of grew up doing so that’s what we want kind of try and recreate and that’s part of our music and our sound as well.

TRNSMT is just around the corner! You guys are playing just before Kyle Falconer and on the same day as Liam Gallagher (Saturday 30 June), how are you feeling?

Jordan: Excited to say the least.

Well, that is the very least…

Jack: The thing about TRNSMT is it’s something that we kind of set out to get. So far it’s just been working hard and trying to play the right gigs and not overplay ourselves to get there, and it’s an environment we’ve always wanted to get in with. We’ve seen so many bands and played so many festivals, that’s all we’ve really ever done, we thrive in that kind of place and the people that attend will be there for our set it’s going to be great to be able to give back.

Who else would you like to see at TRNSMT?

Jack: After we play we’re a bit more excited to spend some time with our mates, it’s a big day for them because they’re a big part of our music. Arctic Monkeys we’re desperate to see again, Liam Gallagher, kind of want to catch Lewis Capaldi the weekend after as well, our homeboy!

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When you’re playing TRNSMT you’ll be performing in front of new folks and fans. What is it like when people start singing songs back to you?

Jack: See, we’re used to it because when we were younger we played gigs and there was like ten of our pals and they would sing the words back to us so it’s something we’ve always had – it’s just a bit bigger now. When we write songs we do it with the aim of having people singing them back. It’s not something we do at this stage just for indulgence it’s also about keeping people interested.

Get your TRNSMT tickets and see The Snuts and many more on Saturday 30 June.

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