The UK’s most affordable student cities revealed


Being a student is EXPENSIVE. Between books and rent and nights out and hangover cures (green juice is NOT CHEAP, guys), it all adds up. Savethestudent’s 2015 Student Money Survey showed that your average student is spending £745 a month. Ouch.

So it’s handy (especially if you’re thinking UCAS applications after the summer) that have done a bit of research to find out where in the UK it’s cheapest to be a student.

The Marbles team compared the cost of weekly rent, travel passes, gym membership, cinema tickets, a pint and kebab to find that the best place to be a student in Britain is – drumroll please – Keele!

You know, Keele. That university three miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme. (We totally had to Google it.)

While it might not be the nation’s most famous university, it definitely will be good for your bank balance – mostly thanks to it’s bargainous beer prices. We’re talking £2.50 a pint, compared to £4 pretty much anywhere in London.

If rent’s your concern, Queen’s in Belfast is the place to be, at an average of £89.77 a month (you’ll be £212 at SOAS in London), while cinema fans want to study in Loughborough where you’re paying just £4.50 a ticket. Bargain!

In Scotland, Glasgow Uni’s the most affordable – £118 a week rent, £47.50 for a travel pass, £8.30 a week for the gym – with Strathclyde coming in a close second with rent at £120 a week at the city centre campus. Dundee’s best for transport, at £37.75 a week.

The top 10 most affordable institutions are:

  1. Keele
  2. Queen’s, Belfast
  3. Loughborough
  4. Coventry
  5. Birmingham
  6. Glasgow
  7. Strathclyde
  8. Lancaster
  9. Leicester
  10. Leeds

Check out the full findings here.

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