University: Preparing for higher education

Leaving home to start university or college can be stressful. You have to do your own washing (what?!), make new friends and try not to get lost on your way to class. We’ve rounded up our top tips to prepare you for higher education.

Do your chores

Once you leave home your mum won’t be there to cook you roast dinners or separate the colours from the whites. Learning to cook your favourite meals and how to turn on a washing machine are essential if you’re making a big move.

For tasty, stress-free meals (that won’t break the bank) hit up Mob Kitchen  for meals your flatmates will love.

Set a budget

Student life will provide you with great memories, but your bank account might not be as happy. Calculate your expenses before you start the first trimester to avoid calling your parents for money two weeks after SAAS comes in. Try a Monzo card to see just how much you actually spend in Tesco every day.

Don’t forget to include things like toiletries, travel cards and change for the laundry room in your halls.

Hit the bookshop

Make sure you turn up to your firstlecture prepared! Pencil case? Check. Researching what books you need in advance can save you time and embarrassment. Your university book shop should stock everything you need but buying second hand on Amazon can save you some dolla.

Top tip: Your lecturers will give you a condensed and effective reading list

Get organised

Over the summer holidays make a note of your class timetable, when and where you can pick up your student card and if you have to attend an induction week. You’ll thank us when you have more time to socialise during freshers’ week.

Be social

Once your place on a course isconfirmed its time to get social.Check the freshers schedule for events and mixers or look for a student fair in your city. A lot of courses start Facebook groups where you can meet new people who will be studying alongside you.

Update your cv

Around three quarters of students feel the need to work while they study to cover the cost of living and student life. Set a day aside over the summer to update your CV so that you are prepared if you want to apply for jobs once you’re at uni.

The boring stuff

Researching contents insurance, finding a new GP and a dentist doesn’t sound very glamorous, but it is necessary. There’s nothing worse than having your phone, laptop or something sentimental stolen. Having contents insurance can protect you if you aren’t covered under your parents’.

Registering with a new GP can be the difference between suffering with freshers’ flu and being smug while your flatmates have it.

Get into a routine

Summer is the perfect chance to relax, but sleeping in until two in the afternoon everyday won’t help you once your new classes start. Try and get into a routine a few weeks before you move to avoid angry lecturers and missing important notes.

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