Unusual revision tips

It was in the news last week that the smell of rosemary can job your memory when it comes to revision – so what other useful study tactics are out there help you ace your exams? We’ve got the lowdown.

1. Treat yourself

Rewards are, well, rewarding. If you give yourself something to look forward to, you will work harder towards your goal. Simple!

2. Put sticky notes EVERYWHERE

This is a great way to absorb bite-size information. Stick them on the fridge, on your mirror, in the bathroom, wherever.

3. WrittenKitten

An app that rewards you with KITTENS. Sadly not real ones, but it motivates you to write more by giving you cute pictures of kittens for every 100 words you write (you can adjust the amount if you wish).

4. YouTube videos

We’re not talking about any old video of cats doing weird things or pandas doing forward rolls. Chances are, if you’re looking for information on something, someone has made a video about it. While they can’t replace your textbook, they’re a fun alternative to staring at your notes and hoping that something will be absorbed.

5. Eat sushi

Any excuse to eat sushi right? Fish is one of those ‘brain foods’ as the omega-3 fatty acids it contains helps maintain and improve your memory.

6. Compose a song

If a song is catchy enough to get stuck in your head forever, it’ll work for remembering long division or obscure dates in history.

7. Laugh

While studying will never be seen as the funniest of activities, laughter actually boosts retention so if you can somehow turn a maths problem into a joke, you’ll remember it better later.

8. Interpretive dance

Someone has suggested interpretive dance as a way to retain information but no-one is entirely sure how it works. If you give it a try when you’re home alone who’s ever going to find out?

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