Vagabonds’ Konner Millar-Brookbanks talks success

Vagabonds have been making music for the last three years, but since the release of their new song ‘Braindead’, they have rocketed onto the indie scene in Glasgow.

We chatted to frontman Konner about song writing, connecting with fans and what his hopes for the future of the band are.


The Vagabonds take an unusual mix of upbeat music, combined with more serious lyrics, which has done well to set them apart from other indie bands out there.

“A lot of the lyrics to ‘Braindead’ are to do with a sense of loneliness, something I think that everyone feels at some time,” Konner says. “It’s more personal than some of our previous songs, but the way I describe it is that we write emo lyrics to pop songs.”


The decision to concentrate on playing live comes after creating a backlog of songs, allowing them to avoid playing covers, and placing the focus on more original material instead.

“We spent most of our initial time in the studio just writing,” Konner laughs. “I know a lot of bands start off playing gigs straight away, but we started writing so that by the time we did start touring we were playing pretty much all our own material.”

And one of the key focuses of any upcoming tours, is the fans.

“It’s all about connecting with fans,” Konner says. “We love playing live. We’ve spent so much time writing songs, but playing live, people follow us around and we have a great time.”

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The future

The future is looking bright for this promising band, with live performances being a priority. They’ve already built up quite the following: 1,589 people currently like their Facebook page, and the music video for ‘Braindead’ racked up an impressive 10,000 views in the first 48 hours of going live.

“I hope in five year’s time we’re playing festivals,” Konner admits. “I want us to be playing the main stage at Glastonbury. If you don’t go into the music industry hoping to be at the top, then there’s no point really, is there?”

You can listen to the Vagabond’s brand new song Sugarsweet here 🎶

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