Valentine’s Day Survival

loveValentine’s Day. For both single people and those in relationships, it brings about a range of stresses – what do I buy, where do I go and how do I act? Well this is a list of things not to do this Valentine’s Day to try and help you get through the day, no matter who you are.


1. Don’t leave plans to the last minute

Whether you’re planning a night in with your pals or you’re taking your special someone out for a nice meal, don’t expect to be able to get a table at this late stage – a night in may be on the cards. Singles, get in touch with friends  and make a plan – you could have a DIY spa night with the girls or a gaming marathon with the guys. Reading this and realise you aren’t sorted? Get a move on!


2. Don’t dwell on your ex

We’ve all been there – that song comes on the radio and you’re instantly put back to a time when everything was amazing, your ex was perfect and you were never happier. You tend to gloss over the fact that they eventually cheated on you or had terrible personal hygiene. So don’t dwell on how good things were when you were with your ex on Valentine’s Day – the odds are you’re still better off without them, even if it does mean a night in.


3. Don’t be miserable

There’s a huge stigma around being single on Valentine’s Day, which is why so many people claim to hate it. Being single isn’t a bad thing – you can sleep diagonally across the bed, you can spend your time how you want and you don’t have to put up with annoying little habits all the time, pretending that they don’t bug you. A big plus of being single is being independent, so don’t underestimate how good it really is. Besides, Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours – you can make it.


4. Don’t be sickly

And if you’re part of a pair – remember not to go OTT. There are some couples who feel comfortable just being in each other’s company without being all over each other. There are some who only feel comfortable when they are smothering each other in hugs and kisses and it gets old very quickly. If you’re in a relationship then please be courteous to the people around you and keep your tongue in your own mouth… Sitting in your own seat at a restaurant is no bad thing either.


5. Don’t parade all your gifts

With the huge rise in Instagram and Twitter, the details of everyone’s lives are now on the internet. This applies to Valentine’s Day too and can get a bit much – photos everywhere of presents from the perfect partner, with every cute hashtag you can think of. So if you’re lucky enough to get a gift or card, don’t parade it round everywhere. Ultimately, it won’t mean as much to other people as it does to you.


6. Don’t be desperate

Being single on Valentine’s Day can make people do crazy things – agreeing to go out on a date with someone you don’t really like just so you aren’t alone; going on a crazy night out involving a lot of alcohol and questionable decision-making; lying about having a date on Facebook so that no one knows you’re on your own. Even if you’re feeling bad about not having someone to snuggle and split a box of chocolates with, don’t do something that you’ll regret. There will always be more Valentine’s Days…

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