What matters at work?


We’re all guilty of it – when it comes to putting together your CV, the clichés come out. “I’m a really hard worker.” “I love working as part of a team but also have the ability to use my imitative.” “I am a strong communicator.”

But what qualities really matter in the workplace? What skills and attributes do you need to work on or big up on application forms to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

We called in a few experts (also known as – our pals who have really cool jobs and have been working for years) to find out what they think makes a good colleague or employee…


The biggest thing I look for when recruiting and use in the workplace is the ability to go and talk to anyone and everyone, whether it’s to better understand something, sell in ideas, expand your network or represent yourself well at a meeting. Never under estimate the power of having strong informal communication skills – having a good relationship with someone gets you halfway to where you want to be before you even start.

Amy, Lead Category Development Manager (food and drink industry)


Be friendly and polite to all of your colleagues, no matter what their role within the company – you never know when you will need their help!

Loran, Teacher


All employers look for intelligence in an applicant – I don’t mean how many exam passes you have, but in this sense it means the perceived ability to plan, problem solve and, most importantly for an employer, the ability to get the job done. The easiest way to infer intelligence in an interview setting is to ask questions – good, well thought out questions.

Darren, Recruitment Specialist


You have to stand out from the crowd. No boring CVs or obvious copy and pasted covering letters. Do research into the company and tell us WHY you deserve to join, how your skills will help and if your tea-making skills are epic.

Camilla, PR Company Founder


I’d say that the most important thing in the workplace is enthusiasm; being willing to help out wherever you can (even if it’s not in your job remit) and getting involved in as many extra projects as you can manage will help get your face known and a great reputation for being helpful- people will always want you involved!

Daisy, Corporate Fundraising Coordinator (major national charity)

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