What to do in your summer holidays

Exams start today and it might feel like they’ll last forever, but in just over a month the worst will be over and you’ll be free for summer. I know, we can’t wait either.

Whether you’re going in to your next year at school, have secured a job or place at uni or you’re not too sure what you’re doing yet, summer is the perfect opportunity to boost your CV, earn some extra money and have some well-deserved down time.

Do some work experience

Work experience might sound like a boring way to spend your summer but it’s a great way to boost your CV or help your uni and college applications. Not only is it good for your future but it can be a fun way to learn more about an industry you’re interested in.

Even though work experience can be fun it sometimes isn’t easy to get. Talk to your school’s careers advisor about opportunities or do your own research and send out emails to where you’re interested.

Find out more about how work experience can benefit you at My World of Work.


If you have spare time in the summer volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and can be really flexible. There’s countless opportunities when it comes to volunteering from working in your local charity shop to helping at a food bank.

Charities are always thankful for volunteers and it can be as simple as popping in and asking if somewhere needs help and when next time you’re on your local high street.

Find out where you can volunteer in your area through Volunteer Scotland.

Get a summer job

If you need to save for moving away from home, or just fancy a bit of extra money for some new summer outfits, a summer job is the perfect way to spend your holidays. Aim for cafes, restaurants and local shops when applying. These will be the most likely to hire seasonal staff and might even keep you on at the weekends once you go back to school.

If you already have a weekend job why not see if you can get a few extra hours a week while you’re off.

Find the summer job for you through StudentJob UK or  Employment for Students.


Most importantly, make sure you take some time to relax this summer. It’ll be time for school again before you know it so take time to hang out with your friends and family. Why not have a DIY pamper day with face masks and manicures.

Words by Emma Storr

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