Get an Irn-Bru cocktail in Glasgow while stocks last

The New Year brought dismay for fans of Irn-Bru. New recipe changes were announced, and panic and pandemonium ensued as there were fears of the drink changing from its beloved taste. Very upsetting stuff.

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A.G. Barr recently confirmed the changes to the recipe that are in line with the government regulations on sugar. The sugary goodness will be reduced from 10.3g per 100ml to just 4.7g: great for our new year’s health kick, not so much for our taste buds. It’s supposed to be made with the same ‘secret flavour essence’, but we’re doubtful.

The manufacturers were quick to try and ease the worries of the concerned, but can we really trust these traitors that want to alter this great pillar stone of Scottish society? I don’t think so… they’ve already been messing with our emotions.

A lot of places have stocked up on Irn-Bru before it changes. We’ve rounded up the best places to get an Irn-Bru cocktail in Glasgow – places where you can get your final fix of the finest original orange fizz (while stocks last).

1.) St. Judes, Bath Street

St. Judes clearly share in our distress and have created the original recipe Irn-Bru Daiquiri. A classic cocktail with our classic fizzy juice. None of this new recipe for them. Get it while you can.

Off menu item, similar cocktails £7.

Credit: @stjudesgla Instagram

2.) Nick’s Italian Bar & Grill, Hyndland

The Oh the Irn-y: a cocktail of Irn Bru, Hendricks gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, mint and cucumber. A slightly more sophisticated taste than what we’re used to out the can-but why not go out in style?

Cocktail menu and prices available at bar.

Credit: opentable

3.) Gin 71

The Irn Bro, an award-winner Brockmans World Gin Day 2016 ‘Brocktails’ competition, and one for the gin lovers. Slightly more upmarket, but we’re willing to splash the cash for our finest beverage.

Off menu item, similar cocktails £9.

Credit: @Gin71 Instagram

4.) Why not try a concoction from your own home? Ginger beer, whisky and Irn-Bru make the perfect firecracker, or why not go tropical with a Malibu mix? Better be fast though, as the remaining cans are flying off supermarket shelves, who knows what the future could hold?

Words by Susie Butler

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