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So this week, X Factor had a Saturday Night at the Movies theme and the contestants went all out! Everyone was glammed up to the nines and the competition seemed to really get going as not one performance got slated! Rita took movie night as fancy dress and wore two dresses sewn together…

In light of Friday’s events in Paris, Simon said a few words in tribute, sending positive thoughts to those affected and pointed out that two songs had to be changed due to the circumstances.

Monica Michael was due to sings Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) from Kill Bill and Lauren Murray was due to sing License to Kill from James Bond.

Mason Noise was first up and having survived last week by the skin of his teeth, he went all out with the rapping and dance moves, performing Men in Black from the film of the same name. Although no one can top Will Smith, the judges loved it. They said he had found his comfort zone and looked pristine in a suit. Simon said: “Welcome back Mason – you’re a completely different person!” He added that Mason displayed the cockiness and arrogance necessary to make it in the business. Well, Simon would know.

Max Stone performed Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen with an elaborate backdrop of forests and moving waterfalls, which were impressive, if slightly off-putting. They reminded me of the holographic pictures you can buy in markets which often have rows of horses galloping in fields. As a performance it wasn’t spectacular – Grimmy was gutted it didn’t make him cry. Cheryl said it was a “gorgeous vocal” but had never heard the song nor seen the film.

Louisa Johnson performed Everybody’s Free from Romeo and Juliet. She absolutely glowed in a white pearlescent shirt and seemed totally relaxed, hitting the high notes perfectly before bursting into tears when the judges complimented her. Cheryl called her “mesmerising” and Simon told her it would be the performance she was remembered for. Rita was also in tears, gushing that she was happy Louisa’s idea had come to life.


Monica Michael was waaay out of her comfort zone last week in a super shiny dress that made her look like a Christmas decoration but thankfully this week she was back in signature black and delivered an outstanding rendition of What is Love from the Fox series Empire, despite only changing the song that morning. Simon was happy: “There’s no silly dress, no silly hair, no silly song, just you.” Grimmy complimented her versatility saying that the ability to adapt to a new song at such short notice was a sign of her being an artist.

So Reggie’n’Bollie are still in the competition. I’m not sure if it’s an extremely elaborate practical joke or they just need an act to break up the ballads each week but the two rappers are still going strong, this week performing none other than Who Let the Dogs Out. I know, it’s a stretch for the movie category but it’s from one of their son’s favourite movies (Rugrats) so we’ll let them off. They started off with Titanic before rewinding into the canine classic with cartoon dogs spinning in the background and dancers dancing…. like dogs. They actually simulated peeing on a lamppost. Simon said they had taken over the show.

Anton performed Queen of the Night from The Bodyguard which received some criticism from Grimmy. He felt Anton was still incorporating too much musical theatre into his performance but Simon disagreed saying: “You’re over the top but that’s what I like about you.”

Next up was 4th Impact, who got sassy all of a sudden, performing Beyoncé’s Work It Out despite Celina being ill. She had been taken away in an ambulance earlier that day and the group were offered the chance to sit this one out but they were determined to carry on, and in my opinion, it was the best performance of the lot. They weren’t dress up as ‘dollies’ (Cheryl’s favourite name for them) they looked like women and their singing coupled with tricky choreography was pulled off without a hitch. Celina looked ready to faint at the end, and the girls had to grab her a chair and some water but she dizzily smiled through the judges’ compliments.

Che Chesterman did as he always does and blew away the audience with an immaculate rendition of When a Man Loves a Woman, surrounded by cardboard cars. He pulled off the T-bird look well and dedicated the tune to his dad in the audience who taught him to sing… awww!

Lauren also did a stunning job of Ariana Grande’s One Last Time after only changing that morning, spurred on by celebrity status in her home town.

Sunday’s show saw Max Stone outed with the least votes, but he wasn’t too fussed. We’ll see an acoustic album of his on the shelves soon.

Monica and Anton went head to head and it almost looked like Simon was going to lose both his remaining contestants in one fell swoop until Anton gave an outstanding performance of If You Don’t Know Me By Now which saved his bacon.

Fans were in a frenzy for the One Direction performance but looked like they’d rather be anywhere else – cheer up lads! You’re only millionaires! But the stand-out moment of the night was definitely Olly Murs blurting out that Monica was going home before reading the envelope had even been opened. Oops!

Monica put the last nail in her coffin by shouting “Class of 2015, BANG BANG BANG BANG!” Which you can imagine did not go down well in light of the events in Paris on Friday. Ah X Factor, what are you like eh? Until next week…



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