INTERVIEW: All in with the LaFontaines

The LaFontaines have spent years perfecting their unique sound, resulting in the band’s best music to date, in the form of a brand-new album. We caught up with frontman, Kerr Okan, to find out all about the new album, Junior, and how to make an impact in the hectic music industry.

Firstly, what can fans expect from your new album, Junior?

It’s the best music we’ve ever made. Lyrically it’s the darkest record I’ve ever written. There’s one song on the album called Up, which was put in as the only uplifting moment in it, really. But, lyrically I think it’s the best we’ve ever done and it’s the most mature music we’ve ever made. It’s just a really good bunch of songs. We’re really happy with it.

When it comes to song writing, who have been your biggest musical influences?

It’s weird because we don’t really sound like anybody else, which is a gift and a curse. It’s a gift in that it’s original, but it also means that nobody reallyknows where to put it. I’m influenced by hip hop; Daz likes grime and old rock music; and Jamie likes reggae and The Beatles, so it’s very eclectic. Somehow that works for us. It’s definitely not like we can say our band sounds like anyone else.

You’re back on the road in June. How are you getting ready for the shows?

We play a lot so I feel pretty comfortable. It’s cool because they’re headline shows and recently we’ve been doing a lot of support tours. I love them because you just go and play and steal some fans. I’m most looking forward to playing the new record, because it’s always fun for the band to play new material. It’ll be class.

Do you prefer playing smaller, intimate shows, or bigger gigs and festivals?

I should say the bigger gigs because that shows that you’re growing and don’t get me wrong, I do love them. I just always feed off the energy in the room. We played The Tunnels in Aberdeen a few years ago, which is like a cave. It was amazing because it was just a ridiculous sweat box and I love that, it’s right up my street, just mayhem. That’s my idea of a good show.

What has been the highlight of your career with The LaFontaines?

I feel like we’ve been through a lot as a band; 11 years is a credit in itself, it’s mad. It’s such a hard industry to be a part of in every single way and I just think surviving that is the band’s biggest achievement: to still be rolling and making the best music we’ve ever made at this point. If folk like the music, that’s amazing and thank you very much for listening to it.

The LaFontaines’ new album, Junior, is released 14 June. Their latest single, All In, is out now. Catch the band at Glasgow’s St Luke’s on 13 June.

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