The 24-hour drive thrus we need right now

This morning Canadian doughnut brand, Tim Hortons, announced their plans to open a 24-hour drive thru in Govanhill, Glasgow.

We love the idea of 24/7 access to doughnuts, coffee and Timbits, but it’s got us thinking, what 24-hour stores do we really want?


You need an outfit to go and buy those doughnuts in so clearly some 24-hour clothes shops are a necessity.

Most shops are closed by 7pm, making finding an outfit at the last minute almost impossible. Whether you’re heading to a party or just want some new pyjamas, Topshop always has what you need.

You would never have to say you have nothing to wear again if there was a 24-hour Topshop in the centre of Glasgow.

Sometimes one shop just isn’t enough. We all know the inside of Buchanan Street’s latest shopping addition like its been there for years. 65,000 sq ft of H&M women, men and home open whenever we want it sounds like a dream come true.


Wherever you go it’s easy to find a 24-hour supermarket, but sometimes a ready meal or chocolate bar doesn’t cut it.

Close your eyes and imagine a time when it’s too late to bother cooking, you can’t sleep and all you want is a decent snack. Now imagine a 24-hour Greggs existed. Yes, sausage rolls and yum yums available whenever your stomach desires.

A middle of the night feast shouldn’t always require a trip out of the house though. Second on our list of food demands is 24-hour pizza delivery.

Dominos and Pizza Hut already deliver until 3am in some cities, so why not make it all night. Garlic pizza bread is a perfectly acceptable meal to have at 5am, promise.


If we’re going to have our favourite food and clothing on offer 24/7, we might as well have some entertainment too.

We propose that intu Braehead, just outside of Glasgow, is open all day every day. That means ice skating, a cinema, bowling, an arcade and snow slopes whenever you decide to do something fun.

Credit Tim Hortons UK, Twitter

If the plans are approved by Glasgow City Council, the new Tim Horton’s will be opening in Govan. Keep your fingers crossed, before you know it all of your late night food dreams could be coming true.

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Words by Emma Storr

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