• December 4, 2023

Sounds Bites with Ally McCrae


Hey, I’m Ally I’m 24 and so, so lucky to do what I do. My life is completely absorbed by music. I present on Radio 1, I DJ, I put on my own gigs, I run a video blog and I even do the tannoy announcements at my beloved St. Mirren FC. And now I’m writing for Source! Here’s some new music I love that you have to check out…

It’s my job to find bands and artists in Scotland to put on BBC Radio 1 with the hope that their careers will progress and important people will hear them. Plus, I get to promote the music I love from the country I love. Check this lot out – tell them Ally sent you!

Unicorn Kid…


An ex-pupil of Leith Academy, Unicorn Kid (or Oli) has already played T in the Park and SXSW in Texas, supported Calvin Harris, been Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World AND he’s been Record of the Week for Nick Grimshaw. Why? Because he’s ace! Imagine a huge carnival taken over by a rave DJ on the sunniest day of the year with thousands of people partying in the street. His album comes out this summer – don’t be late to the party.

Ask Oli to party on twitter – @unicornkid



In short, Kilmarnock boys Fatherson rock. I mean, they all wear woolly jumpers and bobble hats and sing about their feelings lots but they ROCK. Bespectacled lead singer/guitarist Ross has a lot to do with that. He’s got a voice and passion for the music, with songs about life, love and growing up. There’s an instant connection and that was evident in the eyes of every one of their fans that filled out the huge Glasgow Arches earlier this year.

Tell them how lovely their jumpers are on twitter – @fathersonband #woolly

Nina Nesbitt…


Nina only released her first EP The Apple Tree this spring and she’s already toured with Example and Ed Sheeran. Aye, the actual Ed Sheeran – she even made it into one of his videos! Vocally, she displays an awesome range that proves there is more to this girl than famous friends. Check out the video she made herself for one of her tracks Glue. She’s destined to be really famous.

Ask Nina if she can be your famous pal on twitter – @ninanesbitt


Profisee (Edinburgh) – @profisee

The most talented, exciting and lyrically- empowering rapper in Scotland.

Admiral Fallow (Glasgow) – @admiralfallow

If you have a GF/BF, go see the Fallow – you’ll be 85% more in love by the end.

Carnivores (Paisley) – @carnivores_uk

I lost my phone because I was moshing so hard. They often play live in football kits.

Fridge Magnets (Glasgow) – @FM__Official

Have you ever been in a sold out gig and the whole crowd pogos? I have, with them.

United Fruit (Glasgow) – @unitedfruitband

The last time I saw them they had four drum kits and the crowd played them.

Catch Ally with the best in new Scottish music and his own chatter live on the radio every Sunday into monday on BBC Radio 1, 12-2am.

Check out his new music video blog at www.detour-scotland.com.

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