How to beat summer holiday boredom

The summer holidays are by far the best part of the whole school year. The only thing is, there is only so much we can do before we all get bored and start becoming grumpy and annoyed.

That’s when going back to school becomes a wish of a lot of us. But fear not – this will be a problem for previous summers only. This year is different!

Here are some activities you can do to kick boredom in the butt.

Strawberry picking 🍓

Why not go strawberry picking? On a warm sunny day, this could be the perfect activity for friends or family. Strawberries are, after all, a summer fruit which means hours of fun to be had and a sweet healthy treat at the end of it all. And at the end of it all? Get online, Google some recipes and get busy in the kitchen! You’re occupied AND learning a new skill at the same time. Everyone’s a winner.

Giving back 🙋🏾‍♂️

Why not volunteer your time to a worthy cause? Volunteering is a meaningful thing to do with your time, and there are so many charities looking for volunteers to help raise money, go to events or even look after animals. Volunteering gives endless possibilities to help out your community and those in need, you will definitely feel like you’ve done something worthwhile during summer. Plus it’s a great story to tell your friends all about when you are back at school in autumn.

Head to a festival 🎵

Festivals are a great way to spend the summer! The best thing is that not all festivals are super pricey for a ticket – yes, there are those festivals like TRNSMT or Glastonbury that do require a tickets and they can cost a fortune, however there are festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe feature performances that are completely free of charge which makes for a great day out for you and your pals.

Go to the movies 🍿

Bored? Head to the cinema – and this summer, you can do it in a totally different way! The Luna outdoor cinema shows films on screens outdoors all around the country, from classics like Dirty Dancing and Casablanca to brand new movies like La La Land and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Prices for tickets start at £9.50 for a child and £14.50 for an adult.

Carry on camping ⛺️

Camping is a fun way to get outdoors with your besties. Whether you go to a camping site or completely out in the wild you are guaranteed a great time. Once your tent is up there is so much fun to be had from sitting round the campfire to star gazing to barbecuing. Camping is truly the best way to get into nature and it is definitely best to camp on a warm summer’s night – make sure you check the forecast.

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