The best Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube

Just been invited to a Halloween party this weekend and no idea what to wear?

Never fear – the good people of YouTube are here to rescue you!

The video streaming site is jam-packed with incredible, creepy makeup tutorials that are perfect for the season. So dig into your makeup bag (or your sister’s) and get creative.

You’ll look positively ghoulish, darling.


The world’s creepiest doll gets a millennial makeover with this makeup look. These scars are scarily realistic!


This one’s easy yet effective. People are totally into the whole vampire thing post-Twilight too, right?

Creepy clown

Even before IT was huge, we were pretty dubious about clowns. This look confirms all of our fears. They’re terrifying.


JK, this is the stuff of nightmares.


If you prefer the cute and cuddly, this glamour puss is right up your street.

Sugar skull

You can’t beat a Day of the Dead-inspried sugar skull at this time of year, can you? Top it off with a flower crown and you’re jamming.

Harley Quinn

Channel your inner Margot Robbie with this one. The right mix of cute and downright horrifying.

The Joker

Harley’s other half is just as scary. Why so serious?

Creepy dummy

Ventriloquists’ dummies are up there with clowns as far as we’re concerned.


Halloween is all about skulls and skeletons and other undead and dead things. Meaning this is just the ticket.

Melting skull

It’s impressive and disgusting in equal measure!

Gothic mermaid

Ariel would 100% be terrified of this girl.


Get howling at the moon!

Happy spooking!

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