Is this the best internship in the world? We talk the man behind 2017’s most epic prize


Royal Caribbean is hiring an intern to travel the world by luxury cruise and take photos for Instagram.

Just take a moment for that to sink in.

Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland will be hiring one budding snapper this summer for its new “intern-ship” program. Not only will the winner get the chance to spend three weeks between June and July 2017 cruising around the world – they’ll also get a jaw dropping £3000 prize money plus complimentary access to climbing walls, Flowrider, restaurants, swimming pools, zip wires, water-slides and onboard fitness facilities.”

The only snag? You’ll have to document all your travels (Beijing, New York, and Barcelona…the usual) over Instagram. I know, nightmare.

If you think you can face sharing pictures of your enjoying sun, sea and water-slides with the world, you still have till the 31st of January to enter this incredible comp.  All you have to do to apply is post a “most extraordinary” travel photo or video to Instagram and tag @RoyalCaribbeanUK and #ExtraordinaryExplorer. Look here for more deets.

In the meantime, we chatted to Ben Bouldin who is on the judging panel, to ask how you could be in with winning this top prize. 


Hi Ben! First things first, what makes this internship so different from all the others out there? 

For a start, the application process for our Royal Caribbean ‘Intern-ship’ is unlike traditional job applications – it really is as simple as uploading an extraordinary travel photo or video to Instagram, telling us the story behind it and tagging @RoyalCaribbeanUK #ExtraordinaryExplorer. We have identified the increasingly important role that social media plays and thought it was only fitting to use this platform to find and attract new talent to the travel industry.


Although this isn’t a formal internship program as there is no employment relationship, it’s a great opportunity for budding photographers, explorers or creatives to be paid for 3 weeks of travelling and storytelling. It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The role itself is all about uncovering those unique moments that happen every day on a Royal Caribbean holiday.


How important do you think it is to encourage youngsters to have these kind of experiences? 

It’s incredibly important – the younger generation are doing things differently, whether it is the way they learn, interact with one another and even express themselves. Social media plays a large role in their lives. We want the younger generation to connect with us on their own terms and to inspire those who may not have considered a cruise holiday before. The winning candidate will have extraordinary experiences both onboard our ships and on land via our shore excursions – and be able to share these experiences via social media.


There’s an amazing world out there for young people to discover and with it they learn things you can only experience in situ – about different cultures, our natural world and relationships. We are looking for a talented storyteller who can capture the unique moments that you remember long after your holiday because this is at the heart of what we do at Royal Caribbean. Our mission is for our guests to create lifelong memories with friends and family whilst enjoying all the activities and entertainment onboard.


What kind of skills do you think the ‘intern’ will be able to gain on this trip? 

The ability to immerse themselves in new, extraordinary experiences and capture incredible moments, to connect with people from all walks of life – both on the ship and off. As our chosen winner they should already be capable of doing this, but this opportunity will enable the intern to develop these skills in a unique way. They will have initiative and build lasting relationships with others.


What, to you, makes the perfect ‘intern’? 

Passion, patience, a natural curiosity, and being willing to make the most out of the opportunity in front of you!


Competitions via Instagram are a pretty new area – but why do you think it made the perfect platform for this competition? 

For us, Instagram is the perfect platform to visually show our audience the incredible destinations that you can visit every day on a Royal Caribbean holiday, and of course to inspire people to sail with us. Our research has shown that a third of people wouldn’t even consider booking a trip without looking at social channels, proving just how integral social media is to engaging with future guests and continuing to inspire existing ones.


Any lastly, any tips for how to win the prize? 

We’re looking for a candidate whose image(s) have a strong visual appeal, originality and inspires viewers to jump out of the ordinary and explore the world. Most importantly we want it to tell a story – after all, they say a picture tells a thousand words!


Will you be applying? Let us know on Twitter!

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