Best tanning products

Sunshine, sunnies, bronzed glow – oh wait, it’s still grey and rainy outside. Classic Scotland. Well, it looks like we’ve had our summer for this year and if you’re anything like us, your tan ain’t looking so hot.

Never fear, we’ve done all the hard work for you and found the best tanning products out there for your summer glow. If anyone asks, you’ve totally just got off the plane after a cheeky week in Maga – your secret’s safe with us.

St Moriz £2.99

Lets start off cheap and cheerful. Coming in at £2.99 from Savers (what a shop), St Moriz is the more affordable version of St Tropez, but that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on quality. Light, medium and dark shades will give you a healthy, natural glow without breaking the bank.

Just make sure you wash it off in the morning unless you want a waft of biscuits during the day, and change your bed sheets before folks start asking questions.

Sienna X High Intensity Tanning – Express Tan £20

Express tanning in an hour. There is a tanning God after all! Spur of the moment night out organised, and you’re milk bottle white? Nightmare. The Sienna X High Intensity Tanning – Express Tan will get you looking bronzed and golden in just an hour and wont leave you with that fake tan smell. £20 well spent.

St Tropez £15.00

Treat yo self, as they say. St Tropez is the mother of all tanning products and is guaranteed to leave you with a super model finish. There are a couple of versions of St Tropez on offer, including the shower wash gradual tan that lets you get sun kissed in the shower. If you’ve got sensitive skin maybe give this one a miss if you’re trying to avoid the red rash covered in boils look. It happened to a friend…

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tan Mist £11.69

Garnier fake tan is a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Adding a mist into the equation is even more stressful. This one is for self-tanning experts or if you’ve got a trusty pal to tan your back – unless you want streaks. If you do end up with dodgy streaks, at least it smells good.

Skinny Tan £19.99

The new kid on the block that’s making big waves in the tanning world. Skinny Tan not only gives you a wonderful glow but also contours and reduces visible appearance of cellulite – apparently. Lasting up to seven days, the streak free tan is a must-try for fake tan enthusiasts and can be purchased exclusively in Superdrug.


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