• December 10, 2023

Budget Christmas gift guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless, like us, you’re totally skint at this point in the month. With family and friends to buy Christmas presents for, it’s a wonder how we manage, but we’re here to bring you the best (and cheapest) gifts for everyone in your life.


We all want to give our mum something nice for Christmas, to say thank you for all the things she does for us throughout the year. If you’re looking for a nice sentimental gift, why not buy her a necklace with all of her children’s initials on it?

Credit to J&S Jewellery






















Not only will this sentimental gift put a smile on her face, but it won’t break the bank either, at only £16. It comes free with a gift card dedicated to the gift receiver, too. To buy your own personalised necklace, visit J&S Jewellery’s Not On the High Street shop here.


Dads are notorious for being the most difficult person to buy for in the family. However, the one thing all dads universally have in common is their ability to embarrass their children with terrible jokes: they’re called ‘dad jokes’ for a reason, people.

Credit to IWOOT

So, why not at least warn the people he drinks his tea or coffee with that they’re probably going to be subjected to some of his terrible humour? You’ll be doing everyone a favour with this present, trust us. And at only £9.99, you’ll be doing your wallet a favour too. Buy it here.


No one knows them better than you do, but that still doesn’t make it any easier to buy your picky brother or sister the perfect Christmas present.

Credit to Luckies of London



Whether they’re a well-seasoned traveller, or just getting started seeing the world, this is the perfect gift to help them keep track of their travels. For only £15.95, you can buy them this, and they can buy themselves the plane ticket to their next adventure. Get it here.

If your sibling isn’t into travelling, don’t worry because our next idea is certain to please everybody.

Credit to Debenhams

This 1kg jar of Nutella is a certified crowd pleaser, and will only cost you £7! Buy it at the Debenhams website here, and take it to your nearest  Debenhams store to get your personalised label.


We get treated by our grandparents all year round, so now is the perfect time to treat them.

Credit to John Lewis

This selection box of tea is the perfect treat, and looks amazing too. Each box contains four tea bags. Get it at the John Lewis website here, for only £12.


What do you get the person who already has the best thing in the world (your friendship, of course)?

Credit to Prezzybox























Why not get this relaxing pamper set, so they can take a well-deserved break over the holidays? Get it here for only £12.99.

Or, for the nature lover in your life, why not get this Grow Your Own Bonsai kit?

Credit to MenKind
















Also £12.99, it will give them a project that will last for years to come. Buy it here.

So you see, Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to break the bank to buy your loved ones something meaningful. Happy shopping!

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