Charity launches emoji jukebox

Scottish charity See Me Scotland has launched the world’s first emoji jukebox, aiming to help young people open up about their mental heath.

Whether you want music for a road trip, or some tunes to cheer you up, Feels FM has a playlist for every mood.

Simply enter the emoji closest to how you feel, perhaps 😃, or 😕, or even 😰, and enter the year you were born. The jukebox will generate a random playlist of five songs to match your mood.

The jukebox was launched after a survey by the charity discovered that only 26 per cent of 12-26 year olds would tell someone if they were struggling to cope with mental health issues, compared with 67 per cent who would tell someone about a physical illness.

The online emoji jukebox aims to help young people express their feelings, use music as a positive coping strategy and get involved in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.


Often, people turn to music when feeling low, and there’s no doubt it can be a uniting force.

Many say that listening to music helps them feel less alone, and some songs can perfectly reflect how they’re feeling, giving them someone to relate to.

Music can also be uplifting, and has therapeutic powers, which can transport you to a place you don’t have to worry about everyday life.

The jukebox also has an interactive chatbot, asking questions about how you’re feeling and encouraging you to type why you’ve chosen your specific emoji.

This fantastic feature aims to get visitors to the jukebox opening up about how they’re feeling, without the pressure of knowing another person is judging what they say.

Depending on responses from individuals, the bot will point them to the support lines of charities such as Samaritans or Childline, for further support.

To try the jukebox, visit


See Me Scotland



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