Didn’t get the grades you wanted…what next?

It can feel like the end of the world when you don’t pass your exams or get the grade you need. What do you do now? Do you try another course of study or just give up entirely? The important thing to remember is not to become too discouraged. Take a breath and relax, because there are plenty of options out there for you to make the grade.

Resit your exams

Depending on how many times you’ve sat the exam, there is always the option to do a resit. Lecturers should always give you the chance to take the exam again, sometimes giving you several attempts to pass a certain assessment – this does depend on the course. You also have the chance to pay for your resit, which is usually in the region of £70 – £80; if you’re a school leaver you can always retake your Highers at college.

Talk to someone

Schools and colleges won’t just throw you straight out the door if you don’t pass. Talk to your teachers or lecturers and ask them where they think you went wrong. They should sit with you and discuss what your strengths and weaknesses are, both in the assessments and in the overall course. From there, you can work out how best to move forward.

Another course?

Just because you didn’t get the grade you needed for your conditional offer doesn’t mean all paths to college or university are now closed to you. Applications will usually give you a back-up choice should you fail to meet the conditions of your original choice. It’s also good to keep in mind that students who have been accepted onto your desired course may drop out so you can always be considered for a place – even if you didn’t get in the first time.

Work experience

Taking an apprenticeship or work experience placement can reap huge rewards when applying for further education. Many lecturers will be prepared to give a placement to someone regardless of their qualifications if they have some work to show for themselves. It also has the added bonus of keeping your mind focused on your goals even if you’re not currently studying.


Other studying

You still have the option to study even if you didn’t get onto your full time/part time course. There are still a number of evening courses and online courses you can take advantage of to show you are still keen. Any college or university will be impressed just by the fact you are doing something to keep busy. You got this!

Words by Kyle Reid

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