Empowering young people to pave the way for internet safety

Social media and online learning platform, Natterhub, is seeking a panel of young  advisors to pave the way for internet safety.

The young advisors will be invited to virtually meet in small groups to share their thoughts and experiences about being online and on screens. By representing a young persons’ voice for internet issues, the panel will have the opportunity to discuss the digital changes they would like to see for their future.

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Valued input

Natterhub, a social media platform where children learn how to stay safe and behave responsibly online, will facilitate these discussions and will work closely with the panel to gain their valued input and perspective.

Caroline Allams, Co-founder of Natterhub and former Assistant Headteacher says: “Digital literacy education needs to be a priority subject that properly prepares pupils to thrive in the online landscape. Without it, wellbeing is at risk and the potential to be a safe, savvy digital citizen could be thwarted.

“Young people use tech in a different way from adults and that’s why we need their input.”

The insights gathered will also help shape and influence the Natterhub platform and its content; allowing the young panel to have a direct impact and tackle the issues around using the internet and staying safe online that are most important to them.

Natterhub was the lead sponsor of the NSPCC’s ‘How Safe 2021’ conference held earlier this year and are invested in the wellbeing of young people.


The team are looking for young people aged nine to 16 years old to form the panel. They will meet for a small number of youth board meetings via Zoom commencing in May 2021. The meetings will be held in small groups based on age range and all participants will need permission from their parents to take part.

Young people involved will have the opportunity to develop a number of skills including confidence, communication, and entrepreneurship. It’s a great opportunity for any young entrepreneurs in particular, as Natterhub wants to give young people on the panel the opportunity to gain insight into and contribute to the runnings and development of Natterhub as a business.

Credit: @Natterhub on Twitter

Manjit Sareen, Co-Founder and CEO at Natterhub says: “It is so important that young people are a part of our project. Our mission has always been to create a tool that teaches young people the skills that properly resonate with their digital experiences.

“We need to hear from young people about what they need.”

The team at Natterhub are seeking a diverse range of young people for their panel. Register interest now, with parental permission, by filling out the form on the Natterhub site. The deadline for registering interest is Friday 30th April.

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