Best five beaches near Glasgow

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The school year is over and the weather is some of the warmest the UK has seen in the past few years. What better way to enjoy it than to escape the city for a bit and go on a trip to the beach?

While people may not associate Scotland with palm trees and deep blue sea, you will be surprised to find out there are some pretty great beaches within driving distance from Glasgow. Let’s have a look below at five of the best for a perfect weekend getaway.

1. Portobello beach

Located just a few miles from Edinburgh, this seaside town awaits you with two miles of golden sand and crystal clear water. The location is famous for its long promenade where people go for walks, cycle or just enjoy a refreshment in one of the many cafés. Portobello beach also hosts popular sports events such as volleyball and triathlon competitions.


2. Ayr beach

The west coast of Ayrshire has probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland. On a sunny weather, this sandy beach is the perfect location for sunbathing, picnics and paddling in the water. Moreover, the seafront is easily explored via bicycle, and the cafés and restaurants are all within five minutes of walking.

3. Troon beach

The coastal town of Troon in south-west Scotland is a popular destination for tourists when the sun makes an appearance. This resort is mostly known for its sandy beach, which stretches about one mile north past the centre. Windsurfing is a popular sport and the beach attracts people of all ages for its gorgeous views over the Firth of Clyde.


4. Burntisland beach

Burntisland Beach is located east of the eponymous town in Fife, which overlooks the Firth of Forth. The beach is around a mile long and is a combination of sand and rock. Close to the beach there are a few facilities both for young people and families, among which a leisure centre and a golf course.

5. Balmedie beach

Balmedie beach, located in the village of the same name in Aberdeenshire, is one of the longest stretches of sand in Scotland. It’s known for its unique landscape, bordered by an extensive dune system that stretches 14 miles from Aberdeen. Balmedie is admittedly less touristic than other beaches on the list; however, it’s perfect for people looking for a calm, relaxing weekend, in which they can reconnect with nature.

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Words: Matei Botez

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