Get employed: New calls to guarantee jobs for young Scots

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and we get used to the new normal, there are new calls to guarantee jobs for Scotland’s young people.

From not being able to sit your final exams to the possibility of your first trimester at college or university being online, young people have been hit hard by the impacts of COVID-19. You could be uncertain about what the future holds for you or your plans might have changed, but there is someone looking out for young Scot’s futures.

A panel advising the Scottish government on how to repair the economic crisis caused by coronavirus has called for guaranteed jobs for 16 to 25-year-olds in the country.


The group has published a list of recommendations to help get Scotland’s economy back on track and young people haven’t been forgotten about.

Key to creating a brighter future and better economy for everyone, help for young Scots is one of the main points highlighted in the report. It calls for a nationwide scheme offering at least two years of secure employment to young people.

This would include being paid the living wage with access to training and opportunities for progression.

Details like eligibility requirements for the scheme haven’t yet been published, but it is expected that if it went ahead all young people would benefit.

Brighter future

Equality, employment, the environment and education are all big focusses of the report that looks to rebuild Scotland’s economy.

After an estimated 33 per cent fall in Scottish Gross Domestic Product (the size and health of a country’s economy) over the months where social distancing has been in place, significant investment will be needed to get the country back on track.

If the recommendations outlined in this report are put into practice, they could help combat the financial crisis caused by coronavirus and lockdown.

What has been dubbed the Scottish Jobs Guarantee scheme sounds like a great deal for young people who don’t know what’s coming next, but the government still have to respond to the new idea.

It is expected that a detailed response to the report, including the job scheme, will be published before the end of July, giving young people a better indication of what the future holds.

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