Gig Etiquette

We’ve got an excellent selection of live music coming up this week. Green Day are gearing up to play what is sure to be a memorable set tomorrow (4 July) at Bellahouston Park before the inaugural TRNSMT festival starts on Friday night (7 July).

Some of the biggest acts in the world will be coming to Glasgow from Radiohead to Kasabian, Biffy Clyro to Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, and honestly we can’t wait.

But when it comes to live music it’s important to follow the unspoken rules of gig etiquette to make sure that you, your mates and fellow gig-goers have the best time ever.

Chit Chat

Is there anything worse than waiting months to see your favourite band only to be stuck next to a group of pals who wont stop chatting? No, there’s not. The main part of seeing a live performance is to appreciate what is going on in that moment, because you cant just put it back to the start when you miss your favourite song.

Standing next to folks who keep nattering through songs can be infuriating, and a waste of money. Obviously, going to gigs with your mates is part of the experience but if you’re there for a catch up, then maybe head grab a coffee together instead.

Pushing Past

Being at the front is one of the best parts of the concert – it also takes some dedication too. Waiting around for hours before the main act is set to come on so you’ve got the perfect spot, only to have folks push past you five minutes before the band comes on. Rage. Get in early and get a good spot.


If you’re in the seating section that doesn’t mean you cant get up and dance. However, depending on the show, it’s good to be aware of the crowd around you to gauge if dancing about and singing at the top of your lungs is going to be appreciated or just annoy lots of people.


Now, we don’t mean skipping along with your mates, we mean queue skipping. An offence that can cause arguments and pushing if you’re standing in a queue and you see your mates ahead of you/behind you maybe just wait until you’re all out of the queue before a catch up. Don’t be that guy.


Obviously, you want to make memories, but there is really no need to take a picture of EVERYTHING. Taking selfies, filming the entire show and then checking the picture to upload it to all your social media platforms is annoying. Enjoy the show and check your phone at the end of the gig – people don’t want to watch their favourite band through your screen.

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