Live review: Back to roots with Two Door Cinema Club

This weekend (4 and 5 October), Two Door Cinema Club made their return to Glasgow, to play not one, but two sold-out shows at the O2 Academy.

As we discovered during our interview with bassist and synth player, Kevin, the band spent time living in Cardonald, to the west of Glasgow, in the aftermath of their first album, and the city is the birthplace of their second album, Beacon.

So, we were excited to see the band’s return to a city they once called home: a city also notorious for having some of the best crowds in the music industry.

Safe to say, the band did not disappoint.


Having released their fourth album, False Alarm in June of this year, the band kicked off their tour in Cardiff on 3 October, before heading for double the fun in Glasgow.

The rest of the UK tour will see the band perform in Manchester, Hull and London, before coming to a close in Belfast.


Hitting the stage just after 9pm, the band kicked things off with Talk, swiftly followed by Undercover Martyn and I Can Talk from their debut album, Tourist History.

Fans from the beginning were pleased to see their first hits peppered throughout the setlist, including Cigarettes in the Theatre, What You Know, Come Back Home and Something Good Can Work.

Also on the setlist were their latest singles: Dirty Air, Once and Satellite, as well as a mix of numbers from their second and third albums, too.


Two Door Cinema Club. certainly put on a show, with the crowd going wild for both the classic hits and newer tunes. Never have we witnessed a crowd belt out lyrics quite as enthusiastically as Saturday’s crowd did to What You Know.

Far from recreating the same album over and over again, each new album has a distinct, new sound, which is especially noticeable when all are thrown together to create a setlist as popular as theirs.

The band’s progression from their early days is clear, and it’s obvious to the audience that the guys on stage are just three great friends, who are living the dream, making great music together.

Keep an eye out for our interview with the band over on Twitter and Instagram 👀

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