LIVE REVIEW: The Stone Roses @ Hampden, Glasgow

Manchester’s favourite sons The Stone Roses graced the Hampden stage on Saturday (24 June) in a triumph of classic anthems in what is speculated to be their last hurrah. 🎶

Primal Scream

Glasgow indie rockers Primal Scream were the main support act for the night. As the crowd eagerly awaited the classics of Movin’ On Up and Country Girl, it would appear singer Bobby Gillespie and co have lost their touch. With no real crowd interaction and a less than polished performance, the band left the stage without making a big impression on the Hampden crowd – but this didn’t dampen the spirits for the main act.

The Resurrection

As the sun continued to shine over Glasgow, the atmosphere was electrifying as the 90,000 strong crowd eagerly awaited the band’s entrance. Having last played Glasgow on their comeback tour in 2013 – their third coming – and on the last night of their current tour, the stadium was a buzz of excitement.

Walking on stage with an aura of cool The Stone Roses – made up of Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni – jumped straight into I Wanna Be Adored with the instantly recognisable riffs to start off their final show.

Going through the band’s successful back catalogue, including Sally Cinnamon, Waterfall and Elephant Stone, the crowd were dancing, singing and turning the sky into a see of bright yellows, reds and blues with pyrotechnics.

This Is The One saw Ian Brown jamming along with the rest of the band on big red bongo drums and sipping away at a cuppa as the crowd passionately sang the words – it was as though The Stone Roses and the Glasgow crowd had become one.

I am the Resurrection ultimately got the biggest cheer of the night, and with rumours this is set to be The Stone Roses final ever appearance there was a sense of longing for more, and appreciation for what has been.

As Ian Brown softly said, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened,” his waves to the crowd seemed to be a farewell – the night will surely be thought of with admiration and bittersweet memories by their adoring fans.

With no official statement that The Stone Roses have, once again, split, the Glasgow crowd will continue to enjoy the memories for days to come partnered with potential mourning for one of the greatest indie bands of all time.

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