Money: Managing your wage

We all know that gut-wrenching feeling when you realise your bank account is empty a week before payday. We’re giving you the lowdown on how to manage your wage so you don’t get the week three blues.


Payday is just around the corner and we’re ready to feel like we’re rich, even if its only for a day before the rent comes out.

Get employed

But, before we talk about how to manage all the money you’ll be rolling in you have to get the job. Whether you’re finishing school and off into the world of work or a graduate ready to put your knowledge to use, getting a job you enjoy is essential.

No one wants to feel chained to a desk, especially a boring one that lacks fun colleagues and interesting work.

Before you set out to find your dream job check what you could do with your skillset.

The government’s Skills Health Check is a great way to find out what career would suit you.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do its time to find your next job.

Head to a job search site like s1 Jobs or Indeed where you can use different filters to narrow your search down.

Once you’ve mastered the interview and have the job, your first payday is mere weeks away.


When that glorious day comes its time to be sensible, at least a little. If you’ve moved out of your parents’ gaff you’ll likely have rent, bills, food and transport to pay for. This is referred to as #adulting

Making a plan of your outgoings, how much they are, and when they come out of your account is a great way to make sure payday doesn’t feel like doomsday.

After you’ve listed your expenses double check your accounts for any hidden costs you haven’t noted.

Spotify, Netflix, Apply Music and any other subscriptions are easy to miss, especially if you’re still enjoying a student discount.

If you get your eyebrows done once a month or there’s a new Fifa about to come out, factor that in too.

Treat yo’ self

Taking time to treat yo’ self is the most important part of payday.

Having a budget and trying to save a little a month are both important, but there will always be temptation to spend money on things you definitely don’t need.

Every month set some money aside for you to treat yo’ self to whatever you fancy.

Try not to be raging at yourself if you spend more than you wanted to, we all make mistakes, just don’t do it every month.

Before you know it you’ll be more money smart than Jeff Bezos.

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