Does your mum want you to party?

You’ve got the grades, accepted your uni and you’re ready to make your mum proud. But would you believe us if we told you that your ‘rents top priority for you at uni uni isn’t As for days? That’s right, according to new research parents are dreaming of you getting down in dirty in a local student bar and having the time of your life enjoying local nightlife.

Even more shocking is that young people want to swap pizza boxes for Pintrest worthy pads. A survey by found that students’ primary concerns when moving into new digs was bright room with en suite bathroom,  fast Wi-Fi and a clean kitchen. In contrast, parents wanted their kids to have an active and popular student bar and varied groups and societies to join.

‘It’s fascinating to see how parents are so keen to ensure their kids have a great social life at university, whereas it’s the students who are interested in great looking accommodation that’s safe, connected and practical,” said Dan Roberts, Director of

This news comes after earlier research found that Emma Watson and singer Taylor Swift would be among students’ dream flatmates and that 70% of undergrads will spend extra cash on decorating digs and will put in up to £200 worth of additions from steam cleaners to personal fridges.

‘These results clearly show that the students today are living in very different times from their parents” commented Dan. “Today’s students know how difficult it is to succeed beyond university, they do not have that sense of entitlement that perhaps some of their parents had when a degree went a long way to securing a job.”

He added: “Students are now very focused on making a success of their university time, and it seems securing the right place to live and study is all part of that big plan.” 

What do you think? Are you dreaming of kebab stained sheets or quiet nights in you zen den? Let us know on Twitter!

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