Over a decade of You Me at Six

Over ten years ago, You Me At Six propelled into the rock charts – now they’re our cover stars!

While the hairstyles of You Me At Six (YMAS) have certainly changed since 2004, the band is showing no signs of slowing down. Emma Storr caught up with Max Helyer to talk about their new album, the Take Off Your Colours 10-year anniversary tour and discovering success.


It’s been over a decade since YMAS formed, how does it feel to survive that long as a band?

If you would’ve told us when we were starting out ‘you’re still going to be a band in 13 years,’ I think we would’ve laughed. The great thing about it is it’s always evolved and we have pushed the sound more.

We’re a band of brothers so essentially, we have five families. All the parents hang out – it’s very special. Bands drift over time, but we’ve grown stronger in our stride, long may that continue.

Your new album VI is out now, why did you choose to self-title this album?

We wanted to incorporate music that people wouldn’t expect us to listen to, incorporate new ideas. The key quote from the album is we wanted to chuck the rule book out of what you expect from YMAS.

I think we always said if we made it to six albums we had to call
it that – it’s the one time you could. Having a self-titled record is a nod to the fans, it’s saying thanks for backing .


You’re also preparing to perform your debut album in full this November. Does it seem crazy to play Take Off Your Colours (TOYC) in full 10 years after it was released?

I find it amazing that TOYC has had such a great reaction. It kickstarted our career and has matured like a fine wine. There’s still a lot more to come in our career, but what I’ve seen is our fans have grown with us from this album and then carried on.

Even just to say we’re doing a 10-year anniversary tour of the first record, it’s nostalgic.

When I’ve been sitting at home learning songs again it brings back all these memories. Memories of first starting up as a band, touring, seeing the world for the first time. It’s a big homecoming for old fans, hopefully for us, too.

What’s next for YMAS?

We’re always working on new music. At the start of 2019 you probably will hear new music again.

For now, we’re just touring and having fun, that’s the most important thing. I think life’s too short to do the things you don’t want to do sometimes. In the darkest days pick yourself up and go again and have fun.

When I look at everything I do in the band, I’m not bigger than everyone else making music is my job but it’s a hobby too. It’s about how you feel yourself and making yourself happy, if someone told me to stop, and I let them, I wouldn’t be here today; prove to them you can do it!

“It’s about how you feel yourself and making yourself happy”

VI is out now, head to You Me At Six’s website to listen now!

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