REVIEW: Blur – The Magic Whip

blur-the-magic-whipWith over ten years since Blur’s last album, The Magic Whip is a god-send to all fans of the quartet. With their reunion back in 2009, where they headlined summer festivals throughout the UK, many people expected an album to follow – and finally it’s here, albeit six years later. But is this album up to the standards of the eagerly awaiting masses? Does it have the same power and sound that they managed to grip in the 90s?

Despite the definite Blur sound that they have managed to produce, it seems to have a very different feel about it. This is due to the growth and maturity the four members have had since their split in 2003, when each went their own way to pursue different things.

Damon Albarn manages to change from boisterous lad to adult in the blink of an eye, while he tests what he can do against Graham Coxon’s experimental and almost futuristic background.

‘Lonesome Street’ reminisces the band’s Britpop past, showing that the old Blur are still capable of shining through despite a more mellow tone, while ‘New World Tower’ changes the mood to match that of 1994’s ‘This is a Low’.

The main single from the album, ‘Go Out’ ponders on the same electro rock that takes control of ‘Girls and Boys’, with a similar style of chanting of ‘to the local’ in the chorus.

Overall, The Magic Whip reflects a sombre side to Blur which before would’ve had a Song 2-like track to break it up. This shows the group’s ability to change as they grow, throwing their different ideas together to create an amazing comeback album.


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