Top Scots to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is great but sometimes the endless selfies and food photos get a little boring, so we’re constantly on the look out for interesting new accounts to follow. There are so many brilliant Scottish Instagrammers who post photos which show off the best bits of our country. Misty mountains or city evenings – whatever your tastes, there’s an account for you. Here are our favourites:


Moody street shots and gorgeous architecture feature heavily on this Glasgow-loving account. You’ll be surprised at the amount of interesting places you walk past without noticing every day, but this Instagram draws attention to them and encourages you to explore the city.


Expect lots of bright, airy shots of the Edinburgh streets with the occasional art-lover post thrown in.


This account shares a wide range of photos from all over Scotland and has a good balance between nature shots and city nights.


Vlogger Erin loves hill walking so she gets some brilliant views of the Highlands as well as Scottish castles, plus she documents her travels to other countries so you’ll probably get some serious wanderlust by following.


This Instagram is solely dedicated to all things Scottish so you’ll see amazing photos from all over the country and it’ll definitely make you appreciate how beautiful our surroundings really are.


Laura’s Instagram is perfectly curated with a consistent theme throughout – it’ll give you serious Insta envy! Most of her photos are of Edinburgh and the pops of green bring some nature to the city streets.


This account posts the best Scottish photos from all over Instagram, so it’s a great way to find new accounts to follow and see a variety of photo styles in one place.


If landscapes and lochs aren’t your thing, this account is more city-based with architecture details and stunning skylines.


However, if landscapes are your thing, Ferg’s account is one for you, with idyllic locations all over Scotland featuring plenty of lakes, trees and parks.


This account is full of moody, atmospheric shots of the areas in and around Oban and the photos are always very high quality, so it might inspire you to up your photography game.

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