Staying safe in the sun during festival season

Scotland is officially experiencing a heatwave and while we might not be used to the big ball of fire in the sky, one thing’s for sure – it won’t be getting the best of us during festival season.

Before you head to TRNSMT this weekend make sure you’re prepared for the heat. That doesn’t have to mean covering yourself in boring old sun cream, check out our top picks of fun ways to stay safe and avoid sun stroke this festival season.

Save your skin

Protecting your skin is one of the most important things to consider when temperatures are high and despite popular belief you still tan when you’re wearing a good level of SPF.┬áNo sticky white sun cream doesn’t man no sun cream at all, we’re talking body paint and glitter.

Swap the usual festival UV body paint for a product that looks just as good but doubles up as sun cream. Brands like Zinka and Sun Zapper use zinc which acts as a mineral sun cream and starts working as soon as it touches your skin.

Sun Zapper sticks come in six different colours and you can buy them in the UK here or you can get 14 different colours of Zinka sun cream here. We recommend splashing out on next day delivery to make sure you’re ready for the weekend.

If body paint isn’t enough take your skincare to the next level with glitter sun cream. Yes, glitter. Unicorn Snot make glitter sun cream so that you can shine sensibly. Grab gold, blue or pink here.

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Keep cool

Overheating is the fastest route to sun stroke so it’s important to keep hydrated and cool when the sun is out. Most festivals won’t let you take in your own giant bottles of water but they all have designated free water points that you should be visiting frequently. The long queues will be worth it: no one wants to pass out halfway through their favourite band rocking the main stage.

If you have a spare ten minutes try making your own ice lollies. Just grab some cheap moulds, like these from Amazon, and put your favourite fruit, some ice and some water in a blender. Fill the moulds, shove them in the freezer and a few hours later you have your own homemade lollies.

If you’ll be heading to TRNSMT in Glasgow this weekend you might not have time to make your own lollies at home. Instead, head to the McFlurry tent to get some ice cream.

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