The best podcasts to listen to in isolation

If you’ve been social distancing or self-isolating, you might be looking for new things to do to keep yourself entertained and stay positive during this challenging time. And podcasts are great fun and can feel like you’re not alone.

Don’t worry, because we’re bringing you our top podcast picks to make you laugh and keep you informed from the comfort of your own home. All podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify for free (some podcasts may have additional payment options, if you want to join groups).


There’s only one podcast we can recommend if you want to laugh so much you’ll forget everything else that’s going on. Follow the story of Belinda Blumenthal and her high powered job as sales director at Steele’s Pots and Pans.

Jamie Morton reads a chapter of the books each episode to his friends, James Cooper and Radio 1’s Alice Levine, though this podcast comes with a twist: Jamie’s dad is actually the author of the Belinda Blinked series, written under the pen name, Rocky Flintstone.

Nothing can prepare you for the antics Belinda and her colleagues get up to, so make sure to tune in to find out for yourself. If you need a laugh, this is the podcast for you.


Hosted by ex-England player Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Radio 1’s Chris Stark, the trio bring their guide to being a professional footballer.

Covering topics such as retiring from football, what it’s like in a changing room, and Peter’s iconic goal celebration, it’s a podcast you can enjoy and laugh along to even if you’re not a football fan.

You can also listen to this on the BBC Radio 5 website.


Hosted by two women named Laura, the pair read through Laura Kirk’s teenage diary, from a young teenager all the way through to her time at university.

The diary chronicles the highs and lows of Laura’s teenage years, and is highly relatable for anyone, even if you didn’t grow up in the noughties. From learning to use MSN, to regrettable fashion choices, it’s the ultimate feel-good podcast that will provide a welcome escape from current events.


If you’re a true crime fan, this is the podcast for you. Each week Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark bring you the stories of their favourite murders, from well-known serial killers such as the Zodiac Killer and Golden State Killer to lesser known incidents from around the world.

Their sense of humour ensures the podcasts don’t become too dark or morbid, and bring a lighthearted feel to a topic that we don’t usually like to speak about.

What are you listening to to pass the time? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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