Time to unwind

Exam season is a stress-fest – no two ways about it, but you don’t have to let it get to you. Here’s seven ways to help you keep exam tension at bay. 


There really is an app for everything – and we’re not just talking Animal Crossing and Snapchat. There’s heaps of great apps out there to help you manage your mental health and unwind. Headspace and Smiling Mind talk you through mindfulness and meditation exercises that’ll have you feeling all Zen.


Speaking of mindfulness, it really can work. Mindfulness is the art of focusing on the present moment – so forgetting about what has happened and what could happen. It really helps with stress, anxiety and feelings of panic. There are heaps of YouTube videos on it, or you can find out more at here.


You’ll have your own way of shaking off tension – so make the most of it, whether it’s going for a run, a session in the gym, a dance party for one in your room or a bath packed with goodies from Lush, tap into it at the end of a long day of studying and give yourself that time to zone out and not think about exams.


Working constantly isn’t good for anyone – so factor in some down-time. Sundays, for example, could be your day of rest when you’re on study leave. Arrange something fun with your friends or even your family – it’ll incentivise you to get more done during revision sessions, too.


It’s so so tempting to stay up all night cramming the night before an exam, but we can tell you from experience – it gets you nowhere. Lack of sleep only contributes to stress levels, so make sure you’re getting to bed at a reasonable hour. A tired studier isn’t a successful studier – so pack it and get some shut-eye.


It can feel like exam time is just study, study, study. Your life will be dominated by highlighters and Post-Its and cramming as much information as possible into your mind – but you do need to take a break now and then. Split your studying into chunks. Every 40 minutes or so, give yourself a break – even if that’s to go for a walk round the block, make a cup of tea, read a chapter of your book or watching a couple of YouTube videos. You’ll be able to absorb more info, too.


When it comes to exams, you can only try your best, so don’t beat yourself up if you feel like everyone’s doing more than you or if you’re convinced it’s going to end in disaster. Focus on what you are doing and what you can do, and give yourself little rewards, like a sundae from McDonald’s or an afternoon with your pals, when you meet certain milestones – finish that geography unit, or learning all that French vocab. Your mental health will thank you for it.

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