Today’s fix to the money difficulties students in the UK face

We’re all guilty of spending too much money, but student discounts are helping many people to check out their shopping cart stress free.

Individuality of fashion

Fashion can define your own originality and style. The popular brands we wear can depict how we see the world, and our fashion shows our views and values – like a blank canvas.

Some choose high waisted jeans, while others prefer a light shift dress; we express ourselves purely on our creativity or ability to get dressed in the morning.

Collecting money to buy the latest fashion trend can be a block between you and the boots you’ve been looking at for days. Some teens do chores while others have part-time jobs to help them save money, but balancing work and studying is problematic.


Signing up for your student discount can help take some precious pennies off at shops such as Forever 21, Topshop, and ASOS. Unidays is a free and easy app, which gives you great deals not only for fashion but in technology, entertainment, travel and food, too. Bonus!

You can download the app which gives you an ID to use in a list of shops, shopping online and in store – whatever works for you.

 Steady money, steady mind

Around 36% of students are struggling with money only eight weeks in to term and therefore are having to get money from parents or student loans, but using Unidays, student discounts and entering competitions online you can save on almost anything guaranteeing a calm mind.

With this comes a chance to express yourself through your clothes, accessories and footwear. It’s a stressful world so it’s only right to treat ‘yo self, get out there and buy the shoes – without breaking the bank thanks to discounts.

What’s your secret to savvy saving and spending? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

Words: Lauren Keenan

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